FAQ's and more info...

Here is a list of Generally asked questions and some additional helpful information.

Q: What is "Belegarth"?

A: Belegarth is a national sport that allows for full contact sparing in a fast, fun, simple format. Think of it like basketball, baseball, or football in that anyone of almost any age can get together and play the sport. To find out more, you can visit Belegarth.com.


Q: What makes Belegarth different from other medieval combat games?

A: There are a number of other medieval combat organizations currently in existence: the Society for Creative Anachronism, Amtgard, Dagorhir, NERO and others. While there are similarites, there are also differences from one group to another. Belegarth's chief differences come in the level of contact, role-playing and costs to play.
Belegarth combat is a full contact sport. This differentiates it from other foam combat games in that we allow grappling, shield kicks and bashes and do not require participants to pull blows. This allows for fast paced, hard fighting.

Belegarth participants are also not required to roleplay, although it is certainly encouraged. Many foam combat groups have races, classes, magic and roleplaying integrated into the gameplay. Belegarth's combat system is focused entirely on just that: combat. If you choose to roleplay, your character is limited only by your imagination; we have no rules regarding roleplaying and no combat advantages are given.
The cost to begin playing Belegarth is also significantly cheaper than some other combat groups like the SCA. Because the SCA uses heavy rattan weapons, they require protective armor in order to stay safe. Belegarth's philosophy is that we pad the weapons, not the people. This allows a person to get started with their own equipment for very cheap. Basic beginner garb and weapons can be had for under $20!

Q: Where do I find the rules for Belegarth?

A: These rules are referred to as "Book of War" and can be found at http://www.belegarth.com/getting-started/rules/ .


Q: What are the weapons made out of?

A: A majority of the weapons are made out of a high density foam on the outside and a wood, carbon fiber, or fiberglass core. We do not allow metal cores in our full contact weapons with the exception to arrows. Here is a picture of what is under the cover:

Sword Pic


Q: I see people dress up; are you required to dress up to play?

A: These outfits, or the act of dressing up is referred to as "Garb". Think of it kind of like a uniform or workout clothes, with odd twists. Locally, we did not enforce the policy that one must wear fighting clothing/garb for our practice sessions. Larger and National events will require some basic fighting garb to attend their events. These basic requirements can be for in the Belegarth Rules.

Q: Why are people wearing armor?

A: Looks cool and adds to garb. Other then that, it conveys some bonuses such as an additional hit required for single handed swung weapons, as well as ignoring one handed stabbing weapons. All types of armor, that pass requirements as noted in Belegarth rules, add only one additional point of protection to the covered area. Platemail is played the same way leather armor in terms of hit protection.


Q: Can I use my Nerf foam weapons I picked up at XYZ store?

A: Nope. While they are pretty nice and made of foam, they fail out safety standards by a large margin. Things such as the degreee they flex and lacking a cover to prevent foam tearing are a start.

Q: What safety systems do you employee so people do not get hurt.

A: We abide a set of rules that the community has set and changed by vote in order to stay safe. Such satey rules include anywhere from maximum length on flail heads, maximum poundage on bows, maximum amount a weapon on flex, radius on edges, weights, padding requirements on non striking surfaces, and much more. We may be out there full throttle at times, but with the rules we play on, we stay to play hard but stay safe to return another day.


Q: Where and when do you guys practice?

A: For the most part, practice is on Saturdays at Noon located at Vanderveer Park (-Map Here-). During Winter times, the use of the Downtown YMCA (-Map Here-) is used with their cooperation.


Q: Are there any requirements to fighting locally?

A: All ages can fight with us. Ages 12 and below require parent supervision at all times. Ages 13 to 17 require parental consent present when signing a waiver. Age 18 and over require signed waiver. The current waiver can be found: HERE.


Q: Where do we get weapons if we want our own?

A: Believe it or not, you can make them yourself if you want. There are also sites like ForgedFoam.com were you buy them pre-made.


Q: I seen someone get hit, but why did they not go down?

A: In Belegarth, there are a few simple rules that you will learn. One being that all shots are not create equal. If there is not enough force in a shot, it it a light shot an not counted. Another being those that receive the shot are responsable for determining the hit and taking the damage. It happens in the heat of battle, one may not register a hit. The exception to this is if one where to get hit by an arrow from an acher. The archer, if seen the hit, will determine where the shot landed for the recieving player to take damage. Also, if they wore armor, they get an extra hit if the armor was previously unharmed. So, even if they got hit, doesn't mean they have to go down from it.