Welcome to the Realm of Beornve

Beornve is a Realm of the Belegarth Medieval Combat Society located in the Quad Cities (Iowa/Illinois). This sport is intended to recreate Medieval fighting in such a way it is safe, fun, easy to learn, and easy to play. Belegarth is a FULL contact sport using foam based weapons that meet a strict safety standard.

Our minimum age for practice is 13 years old with parent/guardian present. Practice and participation is FREE, no membership fees required. We do require a waiver to be signed annually; for those under age, a parent signature or notary will be required. Loaner weapons are available so come on out and have some fun!


Practice Times and Location(s) 

Every Week on Saturday - 11AM to 2PM (end time may vary)
Location: Davenport, IA - Vander Veer Botanical Park - Towards Stone Fountain

(Map Here)